MBBS study in Belgorod-State-Medical-University

Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus

The Belarusian State Medical University was established in 1921. In Belarus, it is one of the leading institutions for medical education. As part of the Minsk region, the university is located in the large city of Minsk. Located in the Republic of Belarus, this university is a medium-sized institution of higher education that is accredited by the Ministry of Health.

A bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctorate degree are all courses offered by Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU). During the 1930s, the medical faculty was transformed into the Belarusian state medical university. The university has a 97-year history.

The university consists of 72 departments, which provide both academic and research classes, of which 29 are theoretical and 43 are clinical.

Students are admitted to this university based on their performance in entrance examinations and past academic records. International students are welcome to enroll at the BSMU. Research facilities at the University are of the highest quality.

At the University, education is oriented toward practical application. Approximately 70% of classes are either instructional exercises or functional laboratory exercises. In the second year of study, students are required to attend classes at the medicinal establishments of the Ministry of Health during the scholastic process.

As a result of the university’s highly experienced faculty, it operates in a ratio of 20:01 in the classrooms.

Currently, the University has concluded more than 60 agreements on collaboration with international research and educational institutions. In the late 1950s, BSMU became an international university with hundreds of international students. More than 4,000 students from over 102 countries of the world studied at the BSMU during Soviet times until the late 1990s.

Quick Highlights

Intake for MBBS Course


Processing Time for MBBS Admission

30 days



Eligibility Criteria

10+2 with 60%


Yes, it is compulsory

Course Duration

6 years

Medium of Teaching

English & Belarusian

University Ranking

Country - 271
World - 6130

University Recognition

NMC and WHO approved


The field of general medicine.

  • An overview of military medicine.
  • Dentistry.
  • The practice of preventive medicine.
  • A paediatric practice.
  • The medical faculty for international students
  • In pharmacies.
  • Guidance and training during the pre-university period.


Eligibility Criteria

The students should fit into the eligibility criteria:
  1. A candidate must be 17 years of age or older by December 31 of the admission year.
  2. NEET examination is mandatory.
  3. You must have completed your 12th grade.
  4. The minimum requirement for ST/SC is 60%.
  5. The reserved category requires a minimum of 50% in PCB.


 The quality of education at this university is always at the forefront of other universities. Its affordability adds to its appeal among international students. The university currently houses approximately 400 international students and more than 1000 local students in its four hostels. It is also possible for the university to provide Indian food to the Indian students, as there is a large number of Indian students at the university.

Hostel & Accommodation

Belarusian State Medical University offers comfortable hostels that give the students a feeling of homeliness:

1.     Our hostel system is affordable and our rooms are fully furnished.

2. basic amenities, such as televisions and telephones, are provided.

3.    The hostel system offers 24-hour security.

4.    The hostel offers reading rooms and gyms.

5.    A fee is charged for the services of the University Health Centre for international students.

6.    A self-study room is available in the hostel for medical aspirants.

7.    A dining room is available.

8.   We provide high-speed Internet access 24 hours a day.

9.    An area for recreation.

10.  The laundry facility allows you to wash your clothes.

11.   Both male and female gyms are available.

12.   For Indian students, Indian food is available.

Why Study MBBS at Belarusian State Medical University?

  • Following are the benefits to study MBBS at Belarusian State Medical University:
  • A high standard of education.
  • In BSMU, the focus is more on practical exercises in labs or tutorials than theoretical study.
  • BSMU follows the Bologna process, and as a result, it has implemented innovative educational technologies for its students.
  • Tuition fees at the university are affordable.
  • 5.    The Belarusian state medical university provides timely medical health care to its students.
  • At Belarusian State Medical University, sports activities are managed in a very organized and sophisticated manner. A special physical training program is provided to students so that they are able to perform effectively in sports activities.
  • BSMU offers a variety of medical faculties, such as general medicine, preventive medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, military medicine, etc., so that students have a choice.
  • The language of instruction is English.
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