Why Us?

We our self are group of doctors practicing and renowned in our respected field since 10 years.

99% consultancy don’t have PAS (Post Admission Service) that we give. We personally assist our student right from airport till all admission process is done.

We are exclusive in many countries, this makes us different from any other consultancy because more than 90% consultancy are just working as middle man, as they don’t have direct access in the university.

We are unique in having our representative staying in the same country wherever our students are going to take admission. This provides an additional strength to our student mentally as they feel secure and taken care of. At times, even financial help is provided to our student incase they are in need.

Any meritorious student who performs outstandingly, we give scholarship on the tution fee.

We are very open and transparent in our dealings and try to put all the expenses in front of parents when they visit our office the first time itself.

As we are a team of doctors we have in depth knowledge of the subject, the curriculum and the Infrastructure required, so we select the best university promising good education rather than going for a cheap and compromised university.

For student safety we work on flight direct connectivity, safe riot free country, universities located in well developed capital cities.

We always prefer to share contact details of our ex-students and students currently studying in various countries with their parents contact details. So if any student wants, they can speak directly to know the facts and reality about that university on a first hand basis.

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